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CE Marking Overview

Products for sale within the European Union need to meet the requirements of applicable EU Directives including the Low Voltage Directive, Radio Equipment Directive, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive before being placed on the market.  The EU has developed a New Legislative Framework to enable improved market surveillance, clarify what CE marking means and provides a common legal framework.  Details on the New Legislative Framework can be found at at the European Commission website here.

For products with no life safety implications CE marking can undertaken by the manufacturer via self assessment to complete and sign a Declaration of Conformity* This declaration needs to be supported by a Technical Construction File which is produced during the products design and test, maintained for the lifetime of the product and kept for 10 years after the product has ceased to be sold.

We can assist with assembling and checking the technical file so you are confident you have the neccessary documentation to be confidently compliant.  If needed we can arrange to periodically review the file to ensure it stays up to date where changes have been made to the product or changes have been made to the product standards or EU Directives.

We can work with you to identify the relevant directives for your product idea, review the standards which the products should meet and produce a requirements specification which combines customer needs with required product standards to ensure the product delivery keeps both the customer and product compliance in mind.

We have direct experience of meeting standards including EN60950, EN 300 220, EN301 489, EN300 113, EN54, EN50130, EN50131 and many others and can help accelerate product approvals by knowing how to present the technical documentation required and understanding the approvals processes with third party test laboratories.  Our Technical Construction File Assembly and Maintenance service has been designed to simplify this process and ensure your products are, and continue to be, properly compliant.


Additionally we have experience of approvals for North America and Canada, see  here for information on the FCC website on the approved product


*EMC testing is likely to require a third party test house due to the equipment required to test


If you would like to know more please contact us for a free, confidential, initial discussion


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