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Cost Reduction

Often to get to market with an idea quickly there is a reliance on using pre-approved modules and reference designs.  This is fine while you have first mover advantage but this approach often results in a product which is more expensive than it could be and which at best reduces profit.

Moore’s Law ( the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years) also comes into play here through greater device integration and reducing the raw material requirements of manufacturing similar performing designs through smaller device features.

We are experts at reviewing product costs and identifying ways of reducing the component count which helps reduce manufacturing costs, finding alternate parts which still meet the required quality and performance from alternate vendors and also helping you negotiate purchase costs of existing parts.  This approach together with simplifying product assembly and production can result in a 20-30% saving on manufactured product costs, a saving which can quickly repay the development and approvals costs of the integrated solution.


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