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Legacy Revival

Obsolescence re-design and PTH to SMT

If you have been manufacturing a product for a number of years there is a high probability that some components will have    progressed along their product lifecycle and are either obsolete or not recommended for new designs.  This brings supply chain issues and can result in significant increases in the price of those components or worse still could prevent you from being able to manufacture that product altogether.

We can modernise your design to extend the manufacturing life. In this process every component is checked to see:

  • Current Product Lifecycle Status
  • Multi-sourcing Opportunities to improve supply chain robustness and price negotiations
  • Whether plated through hole (PTH) components can be replaced with surface mount components (SMT) to simplify manufacturing, reduce costs and improve quality

We then rework your printed circuit board, replacing components as necessary and providing you with a working design which is fully manufacturable with current components and which often costs less than the original ones.  If you have had historical problems with the design these can also be corrected at this stage.

Typically this requires two prototype stages with design testing and client feedback between the two stages.

At the end of the project all design files and documentation are handed over to you so you have the freedom to choose where to manufacture your product.

If you would like to know more please contact us for a free, confidential, initial discussion

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