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Below are some testimonials received by Richard from colleagues, customers, and suppliers over the last 18 years.  These are copied verbatim from Richard’s LinkedIn profile which can be found here

“I worked for Richard at Ramtech Electronics for 2 years. During this time Richard took a recently developed product idea into a mass market robust wireless alarm system for the building industry. Richard managed the electronic, firmware and mechanical development to produce a much enhanced, reliable and cost effective solution. As well as product development Richard implemented a new production strategy which greatly benefited the end product. Richard implemented an impressive system test program which systematically tested the product range under a wide range of operational parameters. This was invaluable for improving the product functionality. Richard was a very competent manager and possessed excellent technical skills. His keen eye for detail and accuracy led to a great work ethos in the department.”

“As I worked alongside Richard, as a consultant, he demonstrated his product development and insight skills to create a new Ramtech system for communicaions for use in the Holiday Park/Home market. He led his team to create and develop hardware and software and was open to explore potential partners to work with. Richard is not limited to being focussed in the development phase but also shows his commercial awareness in product development and market awareness. I enjoyed working with him.”

“Richard is a superb technical director and ideal for contract and interim positions within manufacturing sector. He is unusually able to lead teams all the way from electronics product development strategies through into development and out into the market. An outstanding director – proud to have worked alongside”

“I had the pleasure of working with Richard while he was Technical Director with Ramtech Electronics during which I found Richard to be professional and supportive with strong technical skills. He led a large team of engineers in developing new products leading to improved revenue streams and in reducing the complexity and thereby manufacturing costs of existing products. We worked together reviewing the supply chain and moved production to a new electronic manufacturer which improved stock control and reduced costs.”

“I worked with Richard several years ago at Marconi Communications, and then more recently at Ramtech Electronics.

Richard has a wealth of experience in engineering, project management and team management.
He always seems to be able to provide useful insights into problems and to suggest possible solutions. He is also willing to listen to ideas and suggestions from the team.

He is a great team motivator, providing support and encouragement where needed.
He is a real believer in training, keeping the skills of the team up-to-date and relevant.

He does all the above with a friendly and relaxed but professional attitude.”

“I’ve worked with Richard for the past four years on a consultancy basis while he was Technical Director at Ramtech Ltd. Richard was responsible for various crucial aspects including research of new technology, project management and leading a team of development engineers.
I have always found Richard to be very dedicated to his work which he performed in a highly professional way while, at the same time, maintaining a friendly and relaxed attitude. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Richard for any organisation looking for contract project management, interim management and electronics design support.”

“In the 12 months that I have worked with Richard I have found him to be a diligent & highly motivated leader. A consummate professional with an excellent technical and commercial understanding.
I would highly recommend Richard to be part of any project or company.”

“During the time I have worked with Richard, I always found him to be extremely professional and helpful with any queries. A pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate if given the opportunity to do so again in the future”

“I had the pleasure of working for Richard at Ramtech for two years. During that time he has let me develop as an engineer, while coaching me to believe in my technical abilities.

He is a very talented hardworking individual. Always seeking to solve a problem often thinking outside the box and coming up with intelligent innovative solutions. He was easy to approach and always willing to take on new ideas.

I’m sure Richard would be an asset to any team.”

“I worked for Richard while contracting (Hardware Engineer) at Ramtech Electronics. While I was there for only a few months, it was a great experience and in no small part due to Richard’s highly driven yet easy going nature, creating a very productive working environment. He would make sure you had the support you needed to do the job to the best of your abilities. Technically astute and very commercially aware, he would be a great asset to any company.”

“I have worked with Richard on a number of occasions over the past 3 years in supporting him in building an exceptional R&D team.
During all of these times, Richard has been clear on what he needs and wants, communicated with me very effectively and gave me everything I needed to do my job to the best of my ability. What stood out for me was that Richard was honest and trusted me, which is a rarity in many recruitment relationships.
I found Richard to be very personable, determined, tenacious and highly-skilled at what he does. From feedback of the people who I placed in to Richard’s team, I was told he is a fantastic mentor and leader who gets the best out of people.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Richard and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

“Working with Richard is always a smooth process. We can have an open discussion about his needs and wants within the business and I have clear direction on how to proceed with them. He is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working together on new challenges in the future. :-)”

“Richard Fletcher was my Technical Director for 5 years. He was a fantastic boss and helped me develop as an engineer and as a person over that time. He has become a good friend and a person I highly respect.

He always made time to help me work through any problems and is a great engineer who always came up with clever solutions.

Over the 5 years we worked together he built a great team of engineers and was always encouraging us to learn and develop. He understands people and how to get the most effective results out of any situation and he worked tirelessly to move the company forward.”

“Richard always lead by example and exhibited a unique flair in electronics design. His attention to detail and quality never wained, even in times where timescales were pressing. I would certainly recommend Richard as an important asset to any employer that prides itself on customer focus and product delivery”

“Richard is a diligent engineer, who can be relied upon to get the job done. He is quick to spot any potential problems that could occur with a design and able to provide recommendations to improve the design.”

“Richard is a very competent engineer who can be relied upon to deliver high quality deliverables and within budget. Richard was always my first point of call when managing projects that had any electrical and electronics. A top colleague too.”

“Richard is reliable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic in his role at Pera, Richard can be counted on to deliver solutions either personally or by leading his team to help our projects be delivered successfully”

“Richard matches high degrees of technical competence with excellent project management skills. Dependable, honest and personable Richard is someone that can be relied upon to deliver to the highest standards.”

“Richard is an outstanding engineer and individual, reliable and innovative. A team player who will freely offer advice to anyone in need of assistance, also skilled at fault diagnosis and problem solving. I would happily work in any team that Richard is involved with.”

“I have worked with Richard at Pera. I found Richard to be technically very competent and diligent in his work. If Richard was working on a project, it was all but guaranteed that the work will be done with an excellent level of quality and within time. And an excellent team player.”

“I worked alongside Richard for around 4 years. He was always helpful and professional in his attitude,helping and assisting when asked.”

“I had the pleasure of working in the same department as Richard for several years. Richard was always approachable but professional, with great attention to detail and took ownership for his work, seeing through many challenging projects to completion.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Richard for the past 18 months. He is pro-active and reliable colleague, ready to support and solve problems. His technical experience and leadership makes him really valuable asset to the company.”

“Richard is knowledgeable, competent and always willing to offer his team’s full support if required.”

“My recollection of working with Richard is that he really wanted to make things happen – and did. He paid attention to detail, and chased things through to a proper resolution. His direct style made him easy to work with, and his technical knowledge was a real asset to the team. He left a significant gap when he departed the company to pursue other opportunities, and I am sure he continues to be a genuine and useful contributor, wherever he works.”

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Richard for a number of years, seeing him progress and mature from graduate engineer to fully fledged professional. Throughout that time he demonstrated a continuous appetite for learning, both academically and in a practical sense.
Willing to challenge preconceived ideas and offer alternatives, Richard can really bring energy to a team and can always be trusted to “get the job done”.”

“Richard and I have worked together at Pera for an year. In that time he has always been helpful and generous with his time. We have worked together on a number of projects where his knowledge, experience and excellent planning abilities have been invaluable.”

“Richard was professional, approachable and always willing to assist with problem investigations.”

“I worked in the same department as Richard for several years and found him to very friendly, thorough and professional. He was always willing to assist me with technical queries.”

“I have known Richard since 2004 in both roles at Marconi and Pera. Richard is a very competent engineer with a good level of detail and I would have no hesitation in recommending him in the future.”

“Richard has proven himself to be a very competent manager while leading the Electronics group at Pera. He is a skilled engineer, cracking colleague and overall an asset to the company.”

“I know Richard by joint effort on a project organized by Pera. He was charged of the work of a division in Pera related to electronics on the early stage of the project. During this period he was organizing the work of his group and the project related design and development quite efficiently. After he has moved to a higher position in Pera, his successor had only to finish the work without problems. The result was very successful.
On a personal side Richard is a very nice and clever person, who always has a lot of interesting things to teach and always willing to learn more. I am very pleased to have met him several times and will repeat this experience with pleasure if there is an opportunity.”

“Richard is at the moment helping me out with some deliverables in an EU funded research and development programme. In his work he is well organised, detailed, innovative and at the same time a problem solver. He is also social and communicative and I am pretty sure that the outcome of the delivery of both electronics and software will be according to time plan and with high quality.”

“For Richard the devil really is in the detail where his thoroughness ultimately leads to a watertight plan with contingency and mitigation fully considered. However, it is when there is a real crisis that his good humoured, quick and adaptive problem solving talents guarantee he’s the first man to turn to. When I have a project utilising his team’s expertise I can rely on both support and the best delivery outcome.”

“I recommend Richard to anyone who needs to be assured of getting the job done well, on time and to specification. Richard is highly competent in his technical field, but most importantly, he is reliable and highly commited to delivering an excellent end product. And he does all that with a smile on his face…”

“Richard provided electronics & software development expertise in the development of a control system for a novel, multi-fuel boiler. He integrated well with our team.”

“Richard can easily be described as reliable, works with great initiative and is highly pro-active. He is an excellent leader and motivator and he would be one of the first people on my list to call if I had the correct need.
A excellent engineer, sociable and communicative.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Richard at Ericsson on a number of challenging projects over the course of a number of years.

I would highly recommend Richard His approach to problem solving and design was innovative and insightful and opened many doors allowing the product to move forward.

Richard would be a great asset to any company.”


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