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Electronic product development from Idea to Market

Electronics design and software development consultancy

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UK based Electronics design and software engineering consultancy

What we do

Ignys Ltd provide technical expertise in electronics design, firmware coding and software engineering set up to provide you with the skills you want, exactly when you need them.

We help you with every stage of your product journey from idea conception, through prototyping, test and validation, as well as compliance. From NPI (New Product Introduction) into volume manufacturing and beyond with obsolescence and cost reduction support. We work with a strong network of manufacturing and start-up support contacts to provide links to valuable expertise outside our own remit.

Collectively we have multiple decades of design experience in software and electronics to help you bring products to market, in areas including Telecommunications, Internet of Things (IoT), Fire Systems, Control and Measurement, Medical, Remote Monitoring, Renewable Energy and more.

Lets Work Together

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