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Ignys is your electronics design consultancy with embedded software development expertise and Elektra Awards Design Team of the Year 2021. 

From idea conception with feasibility studies, through to prototyping, design reviews, product testing and compliance support - we deliver support at every stage of product development. What is more, we're able to assist with long term strategies such as product unit cost reduction techniques and extending product life.

Collectively we have multiple decades of electronics design experience and embedded software expertise to help you bring innovative tech products to market, in areas including Telecommunications, Internet of Things (IoT), Fire Systems, Control and Measurement, Medical, Remote Monitoring, Renewable Energy and more.

We're software development and electronics design consultancy who provide technical expertise and believe in Innovation with a Heart. Contact us to learn about Design For Availability and discover new ways to create and develop for product success.

Your Award-Winning Electronics Design and Software Development Consultants

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Reach us anytime for electronics design services and embedded software support Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:30pm.

Services designed to boost your potential from borrowing an engineer for your project to booking space in our climatic chambers.

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Electronics design and software development

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Electronic Product Development Key Tech Areas

Electronic Product Development

Some of the ingredients and skillsets for products we can help with…

Ignys Ltd Electronics Design consultancy Nottingham Science Park

  • Power over Ethernet
  • Embedded Linux microprocessor hardware, firmware and bring-up
  • Embedded AI (artificial intelligence)
  • IoT (Internet of Things) implementation
  • Optimised power consumption for battery powered products
  • Short range radio devices
  • PCB layout for RF, High Speed and High Density designs
  • Wireless Power and RFID
  • ARM Cortex microcontrollers
  • Thermal management
  • Design for Availability
  • DFP / DFT / DFM
  • FMEA
  • Embedded firmware (C/C++)
  • Python
  • Power supplies (low and high power)
  • I2C, SPI, I2C, USB, UART, Ethernet, WiFi, 4G, NB-IoT
  • Haptic and LED feedback
  • FPGA and CPLD

Our partnerships

Engineering job opportunities Nottingham

Calling all bored engineers. Tired of your dull lifeless job?

Looking for an exciting engineering job opportunity at a design consultancy in Nottingham?

We’re always on the lookout for new talented software development and electronics design experts to join our team – check our careers page to download job specs and salary expectations for hardware and software positions from junior to senior level.

Careers at Ignys

How to choose the best electronics design consultancy

Electronics design consultancies can help provide you with a number of benefits. They save you time through resource boosts and provide access to expert knowledge. This knowledge can come in the form of domain experience and the ability to help you carry out product testing early on. Design consultants can help you plan ahead with design reviews, Design For Availability to tackle the global chip shortages and extend the lifecycle of your existing tech products.

Choosing the right electronics design partner doesn’t need to be scary. Make sure you get to meet them, virtually or otherwise, so you can see if they are an open and honest company who will provide you with the right level of communication. Ask them about their experience within your sector and check early on if your timescales are possible for them. It’s also worth checking if your principles align with theirs. If you believe in Innovation with a Heart, making the word a better place, without harming people or the environment then being associated with a company who takes on risky projects may harm your reputation.

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You can get the most out of your first meeting with an electronics design partner by asking your chosen consultancy if you can learn more about the people working on your project. Ask them if your budget is realistic, you can do this in a way that doesn’t show all your cards whilst still getting honest feedback on whether you may need to source extra funding. It’s also a great idea to plan these meetings early otherwise you may find a good design consultancy are fully booked up and leave you disappointed. Lastly make sure you get the chance to speak about your project in detail and you aren’t left listening to their pitch about how great they are, without them listening to you. Read more on this and what to expect from a good quote here.

Your Electronics Design and Software Service Options

Here’s a quick overview of our main services as an electronics design and software development consultancy.

idea to product map

Designed to support you at every stage of the product development process.

  1. Product feasibility studies and specification
  2. Electronic product development with electronics design and testing
  3. Software development and firmware
  4. PCB layout and electronics design services
  5. Design reviews – Resolve issues early with a second pair of eyes
  6. Environmental Product Testing – Test your products work reliably across a range of temperatures and humidity
  7. Compliance support – Tackle UKCA, transition from CE marking or ask us a question
  8. Test Fixtures – high-quality PCB testing equipment, delivered by experts

See all of our services for the development of electronic and tech products

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