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22nd November 2021

Black Friday 10% off product development services

Black Friday deal for 2 weeks to bring great ideas to life

10% off all our product development services

Brought to you by our award-winning team of problem-solving engineers. Exclusively for new customers.

Electronics design and embedded software development services. Helping you to bring great ideas to life.

Black Friday Spending Ideas

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Here’s how to claim your offer

  • Get started by sending an enquiry and book a discovery call.
  • Use code IdeaBF in your enquiry.
  • Enquire by 3rd December to qualify for the offer.
  • Place your order by Christmas (23rd cut-off date).  

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Idea Development with Ignys

You want your idea to transform into a product that will sell and stick in your customer’s imagination. A product you can grow into a new range or upgraded versions later down the line.

With many great technologies including: wireless charging, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, USB, NFC, multitudes of sensors, a wide variety of battery chemistries and more, understanding which ones help your product achieve its aims can be a minefield.

There are other considerations too. Cost (enter product cost reduction), performance, manufacturing volumes, and approvals mean there is no one size fits all approach.  Low initial volumes can mean using integrated modules which may be larger and more expensive than desired but can reduce project costs through shorter design, test and validation requirements.

Our team provide an outside view of your project. Helping you to understand the impact of technology decisions. You are the expert of your idea and we are specialists in product development. Together we can craft a tailored solution.

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