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5th November 2020

Covid update status: Business as ‘usual’

We are still open:

In light of the upcoming national lockdown we want to let you know that you can still reach us 9-5:30pm Monday to Friday on 0115 772 2825 or via our contact form. Our team work closely to communicate all messages.

We are mainly working from home but our Covid-secure office on Nottingham Science Park includes our lab set-up for large system builds. You can also send your products for environmental chamber use or create MVPs with us.

We are available to do virtual discovery calls to discuss your upcoming products or re-evaluate existing ones.

We are mindful that many businesses are struggling at the moment. If you think we can help our local communities or national industries in any way please reach out to us via our web form in case we are able to help.

You can also make use of our remote options if you need a quick resource boost with our virtual CTO service for technology roadmaps or our ‘borrow an engineer’ package for electronics design, product testing or software development.

We have put together a helpful blog on how to make the most of the time during lockdown to accelerate your product development process.

Can you really design a product remotely?

Need some help?

We could all do with some extra help at the moment. The good news is there are still some great ways you can move ahead with your plans and we have the tools and techniques to help you get there.

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