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31st October 2018

Have you been hit by the curse of electronic developers?

What has gone bump in the night for you?

It’s Halloween. Have you got your pumpkin in the window? Nowadays it is a signal to local trick or treaters that they can knock on your door, to be rewarded with a handful of sweets (unless you’re feeling a bit of a trickster, in which case you’ve bought chocolate sprouts!) Originally the scary carvings were meant to ward off evil demons. Do you need a pumpkin in your office window?

  • Are the vampires of obsolescence and legacy product issues draining the life-blood of your project development plans?
  • Maybe there are gremlins in your system and bugs in your software or have EMC issues left you feeling like a pumpkin?
  • Perhaps you think your existing designers are taking you for a (broomstick) ride?

Perhaps your appliances are victims of the Electronic Curse?

In a place far away there lies a house upon a hill. Many know the way, but only a couple know the way out.
In this house, the inhabitants lie victim to the electronics…

Appliances have a mind of their own, or rather, they’re under the curse which has stricken so many electronic developers – the curse of the dishonest product developer. This curse can transpire into many different forms that turn our daily existence into a living nightmare. The ghostly tales of victims have left users eternally fearful, as appliances overheat, combust and go ‘bump’ in the night. These are just a few examples of outcomes of the curse.

The plague of the combusting electronics.

The overheating demon in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was located in the battery, causing the phones to spontaneously explode. The battery contained a design flaw that weakened separation between positive and negative tabs of the battery, which resulted in short circuits and overheating.

Whilst all electronic items produce heat, too much heat is not only wasted energy, but dangerous. When temperatures rose dramatically, several people were terrified by the random fires caused by their phones. There was a case of one woman’s Samsung Galaxy caused her car to catch fire and explode. This may help if you’re worried about your phone overheating.

Products should be designed to ward off overheating demons, not invite them in. There have been many cases of hairdryers also setting alight, in some cases causing total destruction to people’s homes and lives.

The tale of the Haunted Alexa

There was also the case of the Haunted Alexa. Customers of Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa noticed that Alexa was releasing a frighteningly spine-tingling giggle and not answering people correctly when spoken to. Fears that the movie i-Robot was more than a movie but a premonition of technology defeating humanity were spreading as people turned off their appliances after feeling spooked. Especially since many people recorded that Alexa laughed when people asked it to turn the lights off, which as you can imagine if you’ve seen a horror– is creepy.

Amazon responded by saying the reason for the spontaneous laughter is the product mishearing people speaking to it. This shows the product has some inherent malfunctions in its development. While the causes are placed down to mispronunciations and users are advised to annunciate, it still seems to be a case of the curse. A voice-automated system should be flawless in its production since the whole product is marketed on its voice-recognition technology. A creepy laugh shouldn’t be a side effect.

The case of the Vampiric updates

There are also cases of electronic devices introducing updates which drain products of their charge and electricity. Updates lure users into partaking by suggesting they’re necessary and more high-speed, yet they feed of battery life and make your phone, tablet or computer slower.

Apple are a culprit of this. They admitted to indoctrinating technology-thirsty vampires in their phones which drain the phone of its power and slows it down. Attempting to rectify themselves, their newest update Ios 11.3 has introduced a new update which allows users to disable this technology drainer.

The Ignys Pumpkin

While some products are privy to the curse, there are ways to protect yourself from the electronic curse. Having a full-proof product development shield can ensure that your product doesn’t result in nightmares for your users.

Stop dragging your feet through your product development like a Zombie and talk to Ignys about some product development tricks, go on treat yourself!