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14th February 2022

Find the perfect valentines date with Ignys electronics design consultancy

Design consultancy valentines dates that leave you with a smile.

Whatever you are looking for in an electronics design partner take a look at our ‘date’ options here.

The first date

Great for: Anyone looking to find someone they can trust

Meeting a design partner for the first time can feel like a first date. You don’t know if you can trust them. These fears run through your head:

  • They leave you hanging – They sound great over the phone and they promise the earth. But now its 3 months down the line and they aren’t returning your calls. You are invested now but your design is sitting on a shelf somewhere.
  • The disappearing act – They’ve been with you for a few projects. But they are a one man band and if they decide they can’t continue on a project you’ll have to start from scratch.
  • They embarrass you –You find out they didn’t have the expertise you were promised. Now you are left out of pocket and feeling sheepish.

The Ignys discovery call

We offer video calls so you can get to know us face to face. Tell us all about your products. We can have an open transparent conversation. So you can see if we are the right fit for you.

People love our open and honest approach.

The proof

The best way to know if someone is reliable is to speak to those that know them. That’s why we share our case studies section. With examples from our different services and some of the sectors we work with.

Book a discovery call today

The ‘test the waters’ date

Great for: Tech Founders with a great product idea

The first date can often be in your comfort zone. A restaurant meal, a drink at the bar or a cinema trip. But these dates often don’t show you whether you have the right things in common with someone.

This is the same with your product ideas. If you stay in your comfort zone, when testing your product idea, you may not assess the full commercial and technical elements properly. You may become smitten with your product idea. To the point where it doesn’t matter who tells you your shiny new date isn’t right for you. Now you can’t see the wood for the trees.

This is why product feasibility studies are so useful

  • They are honest – Close friends are often a good source to check if a romantic interest is right for you. Our engineers work with electronics design projects day in day out. What’s more our views aren’t founded on emotional opinion but on decades of experience understanding customers.
  • They make a plan – If you started planning your entire lives out in front of your new date they would run for the hills. But feasibility studies help you see if your plan aligns, with the development a product needs to succeed.
  • They assess what works in the real world – These studies show you your project from a commercial standpoint to see whether it will truly work. Is it worth that investment or will you be looking back in a few years wishing you had taken a step back, outside your bubble, to see if an idea is really viable?

Product Feasibility studies 

Request Your Feasibility Ebook

lightbulb innovation

Looking to find the one?

Great for: Product design managers looking to go on a product development adventure

In it for the long haul?

Are you fed up of bouncing around from supplier to supplier? Or taking every project on yourself and feeling overworked? Then using Ignys as your design partner means you can come back to us again and again. What’s more we now have a SAM subscription to make it easier to work with us on a regular basis.

For long term customers we offer:

  • Planning ahead – The ability to book us in early so you aren’t worried about capacity later.
  • Someone you know and trust – We provide regular updates and offer transparency from the start.
  • We offer continuity– You don’t have to start again on each project from scratch- we have an understanding of your products and business

Product development 

Is speed dating your thing?

Great for: Engineering managers looking to dip their toe in the water ever so often

We get it. You are the expert at what you do. You have all the tools and experience to go it alone. But you could need extra resource or expertise to help with a new project, manage illness or other changes.

Sometimes you need someone to step up but you don’t want to commit to them forever. This is where our borrow an engineer service comes in handy.

Use Ignys as and when you need us. Because we are an electronics design consultancy you can always come back to us without searching.

The opposites attract date

Great for: Product inventors looking for software input

Equally sometimes you don’t have the expertise you need in an area. If hardware is your thing, but not software, you can utilise our software development service.

The date that gets sparks flying

Great for: Anyone looking for great PCB design

Variety is the spice of life. That’s why we offer rigid, flexi and flexi-rigid forms in our PCB layouts. You might need something compact to fit in a small space. Or you want to create something for the ultimate product cost reduction efficiency. Our PCB design service comes in handy for many scenarios. And when you are ready to manufacture we have a great partner network to offer you the best contacts.

The Holiday date where you bring a friend 

Great for: Those wanting a second pair of eyes on a project

Taking your romance to the next level by holidaying with your friends is a milestone. It can also be the moment when the cracks start to show or when you know they are right for you and the relationship grows even stronger.

Our Design reviews are a great way to identify problems early so you can fix them and stop them turning into more costly issues later.

Design review FAQs 

Meet the in-laws

Great for: For anyone who groans when they hear the word compliance

There’s no way around it…you have to meet the family.

In the same way compliance isn’t a step you can miss out. Whether you choose to create a strong technical file to self-certify, or you use a notified body you are going to need approval at some point. And there’s no time like the present.

There’s a one year transition period to move from CE and UKCA which ends on 1st January 2022. We are already approaching that date fast now. So avoid getting stuck in a queue (like forgetting to book in at a popular restaurant) and start exploring your options now.

Compliance support 

The romance that runs hot and cold

Great for: Those who don’t want their customers to go all ‘cold’ on their product

hot meets cold environmental testing chamber analogy

No-one likes getting the cold shoulder. Especially when its from someone you want to like you. You don’t want your customers to turn their backs on your product, do you?

Poor reliability is one way to get customers fired up and not for a good reason. Poor reviews, reputational damage and even product recalls can result from this scenario.

Testing at different temperatures is a great way to put another tick in the box. By testing your product thoroughly, you give yourself and your customers confidence in you. And when they trust you they will keep coming back again and again.

Related services: Environmental testing and product testing 

The expensive date (that costs a lot less than you think!) 

Great for: Finance and sales directors who want great profit margins

You want to pull out all the stops for your customers. You want to give them the wow factor. And what better way to do this than to include all the latest technology and features.

But this comes with one small problem….

They aren’t impressed when you show them the price tag!

Luckily there are lots of ways to implement technology by more cost-effective means. Also one of the best ways to keep the costs of production down is to use value engineering techniques.

Product cost reduction 

piggy bank icon blue and pink cost reductionMG07 Test Fixture Solutions

The Unique Customised Date

Great for: Anyone fed up of first date mistakes

It’s really hard to dive in and develop trust when you’ve been hurt before. And nothing hurts more than getting to the production stage only for something to go wrong when your products are shipped out to the end user.

When you launch a brand new product, the last thing you want is a product recall. Just like your desire to impress a first date, you want that first impression buzz a customer gets from your new product to last.

But how can you make sure you’ve got that reliability and accuracy right?

Through great testability! This is where test fixtures come in!

We don’t like playing guessing games either, so we’ve partnered with MG Products to provide you with high quality test fixture solutions, with the right customised options to suit you,

Test Fixture Solutions 

Date in the middle of nowhere

Great for: Anyone looking to design a product remotely.

Who doesn’t like to get away from it all. Albeit this is somewhat difficult at the moment!

But if it fills you with dread that not meeting suppliers face to face could hinder your product development plans think again.

We have many ways to help you design products without having to meet in person. From transferring project data to meeting over video calls.

How do we know this works? We have clients as far away as Australia so wherever you are in the world, we can help!

 How to design a product remotely 


Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day

Whether you are a hopeless romantic or not we wish you a very Happy Valentines Day filled with chocolate.

We can’t offer you a date with one of our employees(!!) but you can get to know us all through our meet the team blog.

Find out which one of us loves astronomy, who studied SiC and GaN for their PhD and who invented Fletcher’s Law…no prizes for guessing that one!

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