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26th July 2022

Five Years of Ignys

Celebrating mutual wins, customer satisfaction, and over 170+ successful projects!

History of Ignys

It’s official – Ignys is five years old!

From humble beginnings in the back room of our glorious leader’s house, to the slick, award-winning electronics design and software development team based at Nottingham Science Park, we’re immensely proud to be celebrating this milestone anniversary.

We’re a nostalgic bunch, and plenty has happened since 2017. So, with this in mind, let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how our simple desire to provide high-quality engineering blossomed into the Ignys our customers know and love today.

A word from Richard Fletcher, our fearless leader

Richard Fletcher Managing Director

“How on earth did we make it to 5 years already? Our growth in capability and capacity in so many technology areas from a standing start has been incredible”

What’s New?

Having grown significantly, we’ve added some amazing teammates – taking our team to 16!

We’ve also added new multi-national and household names to our community of customers whilst also doing some amazing projects with incredible, innovative start-ups.

New Services

Design For Availability (DFA)
Since 2020, the global semiconductor shortage has wreaked havoc upon product development.

Our team have worked on a range of Design for Availability (DfA) projects to assist businesses throughout this challenging time.

Idea Development Workshops
Our Idea Development Workshops are designed to help shape your product journey and high-level specifications to make the best use of technology.
Customers also benefit from a roadmap of:

1) Expected sales volumes;
2) Logistics;
3) Installation plans; and
4) Usability requirements.

It’s a strategic means of helping to ensure your product will be the best that it can possibly be.

Test Fixture Solutions
Testing is one of the most important aspects of product development. It’s integral if you’re going to deliver a high-quality product and avoid costly redesigns. So, we were really pleased to be chosen as MG Products’ exclusive UK distributor of test fixtures.

SAM Subscription
This year, we rolled out SAM – a subscription service for customers who complete a prototype or scale-up production development product with Ignys.

For up to 10 hours a month, customers can get emergency engineering support for their products. It’s a great way to ensure your end users receive the best product beyond the development cycle.

“You guys are life savers… the SAM subscription has already saved us way more than it
has cost in component alternatives alone”

Telecomms Provider

A Big Thank You!


Where would we be without you? We’re a team with people at the core of what we do, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing customers and your incredible, innovative projects.

Our Team

Every one of you makes us who we are. Our teammates inspire us every day with their passion for projects, celebrating in our wins channel, you make us laugh with your anecdotes during our infamous coffee meet ups, and we always win together by sharing our knowledge.

Networks and Partners

Thank you to our partners and networks that binds us together and allow us to achieve so much more. Not to mention all the incredible people we’ve met at shows, on LinkedIn and on visits, now that the world has opened up again!

“Very impressed with the quality of the engineering, great professionalism, good
standards and resolution to solving issues”
Lead Engineer, Healthcare Sector

Standout Projects This Year

Over the years, our team has worked on some outstanding projects that have made tangible impacts upon the lives of both our customers and their customers.

Kickstarter Gaming Project

With enormous commercial potential, our client originally approached us for a design review of the product, and additional FPGA design consultancy. They also required assistance with EMC testing and compliance.

Redesigning the board with skill & finesse, whilst navigating the chip shortage problems, the client is now in a very good place with an exceptional product, ready to scale-up for manufacturing.

“I love the energy and reasons behind this project. It will bring such joy to a wide audience of computer enthusiasts who miss the old technology. And this new solution adds functionality whilst keeping the heart and spirit of the original.”
Dr Nicholas Shattock, Embedded Electronics Engineer at Ignys

Green Energy Project

A truly ground-breaking project, our customer sought to use technology to reduce wasted heat energy and convert it back into energy. Their product is also designed to reduce global power requirements.

With backing from public smart green energy funding, it was essential that the client received a proof-of-concept technological demonstrator.

We hand-delivered them a proof-of-concept demonstrator which allows large scale processing and for the customer to further their ambitions to use energy as efficiently as possible and seek further funding.

Software-Based Hospitality Project

Working in the entertainment and hospitality market to create excellent customer experiences through the power of music, our customer required a software-based solution to enable crossfade functionality in their product.

This was to solve a longstanding issue of the noticeable gap between tracks, affecting their customers’ ambience.

As well as coding a Python-based solution, our engineers were also able to add additional features, further improving the experience of our client’s customers.

““Working on this project was great fun and certainly interesting, I learnt a lot about audio processing on Linux.” ”
Stephen Lynch, Senior Software Engineer at Ignys


What Our Customers Say

“You guys are lifesavers…the SAM subscription has already saved us way
more than it has cost in component alternates alone”
Telecomms Provider

“Very impressed with the quality of the engineering, great professionalism, good standards and resolution to solving issues, reverse engineering has been great, inspections standard, standard parts and liaising with CEMs on their behalf has been great.”
Lead Engineer, Healthcare Sector

“It is a rare thing to come across a business that gives you instant trust and confidence. Not only in the services and solutions they provide, but also in the way the whole team deliver. Thank you to Richard and all the team at Ignys for your continued support. “
Director, Business Services

“Great team, incredibly savvy professionals. Working on a complex project with Ignys for a couple of years and the experience has been fantastic.
Nico is a star, great professional to work with. Understands the project’s ins and outs in detail, he is and vested in its success.”
Founder, Technology Sector


What Our Employees Say

“Ignys is made of very capable, intelligent people, both engineers and managers, everyone is incredibly committed to what they do and they all seem to really enjoy their work.
I think that that really embodies what makes a good design team and that sort of pride and diligence comes through in the excellence of the work we do.”

“I think our morals and our values are so core to what we do and I think that is really reflected when we are interacting with customers, when we are actually doing the work with them as well as our general presence in the world.”

“The goal from day 1 has been to deliver good engineering and, over the years we’ve pulled together an amazing team, we’ve hired the right people at the right time, and we’ve grown well.”
Steven R

“It’s been great seeing all the different characters come in, everyone brings something truly unique to the table, in their personalities as well as their skillsets”

“We like to create freedom, we like to empower people, we like to create autonomy with people which is very important to make sure they can run as free as they can because if you do that then we deliver the best quality work.”
Stephen K

Our Company Values

At our core we believe in high-quality engineering with an open and honest approach that has delighted our customers. Our values are reflective of this.

Mutual Wins – Winning together as a team and with our clients

Innovation with a Heart – Using engineering and technology as a force for good

Committed and Passionate – Striving for improvement and being the best we can be, every day

Responsive and Approachable – Welcoming well-meaning challenge and discussion

Open, Honest, and Pragmatic – Giving fair and candid feedback to each other, regardless of position

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