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15th December 2021

How the Ignys electronics design elves can help

Christmas is all about sharing.

So, in the spirit of the season, we spoke with our electronics design elves and compiled a whole range of ways to help make your project the best it can be.

Want to start the new year with the upper hand? Check out our tried-and-tested design tips – plus find out how our award-winning design team can support your projects now and in the future.

1. Make a list and test it twice

Your new product can be utilised in a whole range of ways by consumers and end users. This can expose edge cases, which can be problematic for users, and ultimately for your sales. Testing products before launch is therefore a delicate, but altogether essential balancing act.  

Deciding what NOT to test for can be just as important as what needs testing! Spending too much or too little on testing can hit your profit margins and ROI in detrimental ways. 

Because we work closely with products at their development stage, our team have the experience to spot a lot of the bugs that typically get missed. You can, theoretically, do all the testing yourself, but with our experience and the cutting-edge testing equipment we use in-house, can give you the means to really put your product through its paces. Our customers find the product testing process highly efficient (and more thorough) with a second opinion from the Ignys tech team.

How our Elves test your product

2. Borrow an Ignys Elf

It’s around this time of year that your staff start to go on holiday, and you realise just how much you’ll miss them. It may also be the time of year when you finally get time to catch up on your paperwork but dread the new year and all its tight deadlines! Well, our Ignys Elves, or rather our engineers, can help. Simply borrowing one of our engineers can give your project the quick engineering boost that you need and help you solve tricky problems.

Borrow an Ignys Elf

3. Go on a product journey… that doesn’t end up at the North Pole

Product journeys can be more like a marathon than a sprint – but they shouldn’t be. Successful development projects take time in order to run smoothly, but if you find yours taking far longer than they need to, it’s time to get a second opinion.  

This is why choosing the right partners for your project is so important.  

We’re a phone call away and communicate closely with your team in order to ensure projects remain on track.  

Take a product sleigh ride with the Ignys team

4. Last Christmas I launched a product but the very next day you gave it away

Your whole company can be deeply invested in a product but if the customer doesn’t see the value, they’ll start digging around for the gift receipt. Or worse, open another present, such as the shiny new product your competitor just launched. Disaster. 

Our team are experts in future-proofing, so whether you’re looking for embedded software development, environmental testing in our climatic chambers – or even a feasibility study to bring your ideas to life, we can make it happen.  

Don’t fall victim to negative reviews caused by an unreliable product – we can look to extend the life of your products and keep them relevant for longer. 

Make your design the must-have product

5. Rocking around the PCB

Good PCB layout can be the difference between compliance being a breeze or an unmitigated nightmare. It can also be the key to the functional success of the electronic products you develop. As respected members of the Altium Service Bureau we have the skills to create great PCB designs.  

We can also find ways to incorporate a PCB layout that meet the aesthetic needs of the product without impacting the electronics functionality. Sometimes that means odd shapes and cut-outs are needed.

PCB layout designs to make you sing

6. Let it snow let it snow…product ideas!

Got a development idea? A dream you can’t put aside? Let’s make it happen!

Whether you’ve got a sledge full of detail, or perhaps you’re snowed under with the particulars, talk to our clever Ignys Elves and we’ll conduct a full product feasibility study. 

Product feasibility studies that drive you forward

7. We Three Kings of (Software Development) Are…

Our software development team are experts in code, and maintain internal quality standards to ensure our customers benefit from only the best code. 

But software engineering is so much more than writing code. And the benefits of getting it right can be hugely rewarding. Whether it’s architecting, testing, or reviewing – our embedded software development team can are here to help.  

Check out our software services

8. Review your year. Review your design

December is a great time to plan the year ahead. Design reviews can help you map out your product journey. It clears the fog from the route ahead. 

If your new year plan is based around a high-profile product launch, the last thing you need is delays or costly redesigns. Take the guesswork out of the planning process with an in-depth design review. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to review! 

Design reviews to kickstart your new year

9. Winter is coming

Okay – the white walkers of Game of Thrones fame aren’t at the door. But cold weather snaps are. And it’s essential that your product can brave the cold of winter. 

Environmental test chambers are a great way to expose your products to different temperatures…without having to drive to the North Pole! 

Our on-site environmental testing service goes as low as -70°C. Likewise, if heat temperature testing is what you need – we can test up to a scorching 180°C!

Book an Environmental Test Chamber

10. Home alone? Need some electronics design expertise?

We all have that moment when we just wish we had a bit of extra help.

Whether you’re stuck on a problem and just can’t solve it, or know exactly what to do but don’t have time, getting some help from an electronics design consultancy is a sure-fire way to make progress. 

Speak to an expert

11. Christmas is expensive. Save costs on your product development

Developing a product is a costly business. What keeps you going is knowing one day you’ll see the returns on your product. Whether that’s the smile it brings to the customer or the pure profits you’ll gain from your innovative idea. The last thing you want is to spend all that money to find the profit margins aren’t worth all that effort. 

Our value engineering techniques are designed to raise your profit margins without compromising the quality of your product. 

Identify sources of product cost

12. Christmas is about the simple things.

They say it’s the simple things at Christmas. Whether you enjoy opening the chocolates or kicking back after a roast and watching the Christmas TV, there’s no need to over-exert yourself so soon. 

Minimum Viable Products, or MVPs, don’t need to be fancy – they simply need the right ingredients to impress your investors or enable you to gain feedback from customers.

Make me an MVP

13. Driving home for design verification

Be the first to know if there’s a problem with your design. So your customers get the surprise, of a great product, not you!

Verify your product

14. C is for Compliance

Compliance is something you’ll need to consider with every project.  

Fortunately, we’re experts in compliance services, so simply sit back and let us do the pre-compliance so you can focus on the things you do best! 

Pre-compliance expertise, managed for you

15. Get a virtual roadmap

No-one knows what the year ahead will bring, but we’re focused on doing our best to make it a real success!  

Still, balancing all your products and ideas can be tricky. This is why we’ve rolled out a Virtual CTO service. We’ll help you reach your end users, alleviate tunnel vision, and assist with your overall strategy. 

Focus and directions for your products in 2021

16. SAM Subscription – The gift that keeps on giving!

One last – but certainly not least – Christmas tip. If you’re an Ignys customer, consider getting onboard with our popular SAM Subscription. 

SAM, or Support, Advice and Maintenance, guarantees your team a set number of hours each month for businesses that need ongoing access to ad-hoc advice, updates, issue investigation, and support. 

But wait, there’s Myrrh… 

Less urgent right now? No drama – your hours roll over for a three-month period, meaning you can flex support as and when you need it. 

And with only a two working day lead time, we can get started on your project almost immediately! 

Focus and directions for your products in 2021

Fancy a virtual coffee?

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