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4th July 2021

Meet Your Award winning Ignys Team - Welcome Elias!

Meet our team of clever engineers and designers

Midlands Service Provider of the Year (Up to £1m) – Midlands Business Awards June 2021

We love to get stuck into projects or product development to make it a success.

For us it’s important to win together and that’s why we spend time as a team on virtual coffee chats and catch ups.

Creating reliable and brilliant products for customers is what makes us tick.

Here’s a snapshot view of our team with links to articles they’ve written, videos they’ve created and even their own blog sites!

Let’s go on a journey together.

See the core values we believe in and agreed together as a team.

Calling all bored engineers. We are recruiting!

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Keep your eyes on our LinkedIn page, a new starter announcement is imminent…

Our newest Recruit! Welcome Elias Jesus

We are delighted to welcome Elias to the team!

Elias has joined our hardware team as an Electronics Engineer and has a Masters Degree from Minho University in Portugal.

His skill sets include Hardware Design with microcontrollers and FPGAs. Elias also has a particular interest in Power Electronics and Railways, especially IGBT driving and control-load electrical isolation through optical fibre interfaces.

After spending a number of years acquiring knowledge, as a Hardware Designer at a company specialising in power semiconductor devices and working for a global East Midlands company with a strong focus on digital display technology, Elias joined Ignys.

Elias says “As engineer, I’m driven by the excitement of seeing my projects coming to life.”

Outside of work Elias enjoys spending time with family and doing archery and sightseeing.

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Our great electronics team mate! Toby Lane

We are delighted to welcome Toby Lane who has joined our team as a hardware engineer.
He completed his degree in 2021 following a year’s placement at a product design and development consultancy with clients worldwide.
Whilst there he worked on projects in a wide range of sectors including medical, transport and consumer electronics.
Toby studied at the University of Sheffield and his skillset includes Altium Designer, Analog circuit design and electronics engineering.
Outside of work he loves getting out into the great outdoors in the Peak District.
He is a big fan of bouldering.
Toby says of his first week at Ignys “I’ve really enjoyed it so far and I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into a project.”

Our Software Hero!

Stephen Lynch Embedded Software Engineer

We are delighted to welcome Stephen Lynch to our team this week in the role of Software Engineer.

Read his blog – Reverse engineering for video touchscreen communications.

Stephen has a PhD from Southampton and a first-class degree in electronics engineering.

He has wide ranging experience in video Verilog and FPGA design. Outside of work Stephen likes hiking, cycling and running in beautiful places such as the Peak District and South Downs. He is a big fan of coffee.

During his time as a Research Fellow he looked at miniaturising and packaging of low noise, narrow linewidth lasers and developing the integrated optical fibre platform. As well as development of locking electronics and generating new narrow linewidth sources at 780 nm and other wavelengths of interest using PPLN.

He was also a Cyber Volunteer for Hampshire Constabulary for 3 years with a particular focus on programming and helping them to investigate small to medium crimes of a technical nature.

Stephen Lynch says “It is great to join the team and I’m excited to start software projects and help my new customers at Ignys reach their full potential”

Ignys Engineering Manager Stephen Keetley says “I was impressed with Stephen’s enthusiasm and spirit which fits well with our values of being committed and passionate. I am excited about the extra experience he will add to the team”

Our glorious leader

Richard Fletcher – Managing Director

Connect with Richard on Linkedin

Richard is an entrepreneur with a keen interest in new product development and taking on even the most challenging of projects.

His passion for product development comes from spending over 20 years in the electronics industry so far, in a variety of R&D, engineering, project management, and Technical Director roles.

He says of his hobbies “Outside of work I’m a keen, but not necessarily proficient, musician playing guitar and bass, at one point I was in a band that recorded an album! I love getting away outdoors in our touring caravan or just with my stand up paddleboard on a local canal or river.”

Read all about Fletcher’s Law of early prototyping.

WNIE interview with Richard Fletcher.


Our sales superstar

Poppy Sinclair – Sales Manager

Connect with Poppy on Linkedin

From left: Poppy how we see her during the week, right: Showing off her adventurous side on Mam Tor.

Poppy works with our clients to help them achieve their goals. If you work with us she’ll most likely be one of the first people you speak to and will guide you through the process.

Her background includes teaching Design & Technology before she moved into sales with a passion to help people with their projects.

Poppy’s desire to teach others means she enjoys working on both small and large scale projects, with a keen eye for detail and organisation at every stage.

In her spare time you can find Poppy “half way up a mountain or in my workshop doing woodwork or silversmithing.”

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Read her blogs

Why fixed price quotes for electronic product development could be a red flag.

How to get the most out of your first meeting – What to ask when choosing an electronics design partner


Our electronics Whizz

Steven Richardson – Senior Electronics Engineer

Connect with Steven on Linkedin

Steven has a passion for electronics and has a personal interest in analogue electronics, microprocessors and embedded systems.

To compliment this he is also proficient in system design, prototyping, design, testing, full production, worldwide product approvals (ETSI and FCC) and safety critical applications.

Outside of work Steven can be found modifying and building 3D Printers….or hanging around…(see below).

He enjoys the cost reduction aspect of Ignys‘s services, taking a design, seeing how it can be improved at the same time as reducing manufacturing cost, is a great application of his experience.

Steven has been with us since almost the very start. For a trip down memory lane see what we accomplished in our first year.

Our technical champion

Dr Nicholas Shattock – Embedded Electronics Engineer

Connect with Nicholas on Linkedin

Dr. Nicholas Shattock holds a P.h.D. in Power Electronics from the University of Nottingham.

He subsequently worked for a number of years as a Research Fellow.

He is always happy in front of an oscilloscope and loves the challenge that comes with developing electronic systems.

Read about his knowledge of wide band gap SiC and GaN transistors and his predictions for the emerging tech.

SiC and GaN article

Our software king

Daniel Szlamp – Embedded Electronics Engineer

Connect with Daniel on Linkedin

Daniel is proficient in bare metal software and Realtime Operating Systems and has delivered projects in a variety of sectors including industrial control systems and Medical testing equipment.

Dan is particularly interested in astronomy.

Read Dan’s Embedded Software tips: What to consider when using embedded software for product development

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Our amazing electronics genius!

Cezar Chirila – Electronics Engineer

Connect with Cezar on Linkedin

Cezar completed an Electrical and Electronic Engineering MSc at the University of Nottingham after completing a BSc at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Outside of work Cezar does 3D printing and laser cutting. He also runs a blog about his projects.

View his blog here

Our wonderful engineering leader!

Stephen Keetley Engineering Manager

Stephen Keetley – Engineering Manager

Connect with Stephen on Linkedin

Stephen is our engineering manager who has a very strong background in driving continuous improvement within engineering teams. In addition he has over 10 years experience in electronics with real exposure to R&D and test environments. He completed his degree in Electronic Technology at Coventry University.

Stephen is very much a leader, inside and outside of work.

He teaches handball at a high level. “I like to actively encourage each team member to get the most out of their skills. I feel that the right balance of team community and responsibility is critically important for creating the ultimate experience for customers. I also work hard to maintain an excellent working environment for my team.”

Our Marketing Wizardess

Hannah Ingram – Marketing Manager

Connect with Hannah on Linkedin

Hannah has a strong technical background having worked within the Telecommunications, Manufacturing, and Legal sectors.

She has a degree in Meteorology and has also worked alongside a New product Development team researching the development of cutting edge healthcare products.

“I really enjoy promoting the good work of my team and seeing them help to develop incredible tech products”

In her spare time she can be found watching a Japanese film, creating digital illustrations or planning her next trip to the theatre. Here’s a picture of her actually in Japan…

Here’s a video of her sharing top tips for reducing product unit costs.

Our Firmware Prince!

John Crouchley – Firmware Engineer

John has 40 years experience in process control, operating systems, enterprise modelling, embedded systems and software engineering. He’s happiest when deep in software projects ranging from bare metal micros to fully-fledged systems.

See his tips on how to tackle edge cases here.

Peter Wortley Embedded Software Engineer

Peter’s experience and specialisms in software and hardware include embedded software for microcontrollers, both bare metal and RTOS, especially for battery powered devices (low power design). As well as Electronics and FPGA design for a wide range of products (e.g. telecomms, scientific instrumentation). “I love helping customers to use embedded software to optimise their designs and the challenge of turning ideas into working products.” Peter is a paddlesports enthusiast – kayaking, canoeing, and especially whitewater raft racing. He even represented Great Britain at the European Rafting Championships in Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2019.

Learn about Low Power Design from Peter here.

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