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8th December 2021

Ignys launch new S.A.M subscription

Support. Advice. Maintenance

Your Fast Response Engineering Resource

Ignys subscription model

A subscription providing you with responsive access to engineering skills and time.

For a set number of engineering hours each month.

To keep you manufacturing and address important issues that arise.

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Exclusively for Ignys customers

Once you’ve completed a prototype or scale-up production development project with the Ignys Team you gain access to our
subscription option.

For ongoing speedy access to engineering experts for advice, support, issue investigation and minor updates.

Businesses that have completed a prototype or scale-up production development with Ignys and who need ongoing
speedy access to engineering experts for advice, minor updates, issue investigation and support.

“Skip the queue. With development, time is precious. Keep momentum with the reassurance your new project needs will get looked at. Fast.”

Less than 2 days working day lead time for project start instead of 4-6 weeks

  • Choose 1-10 hours a month
  • Sign up to 6 months of engineering resources or choose 12 months for even better value.
  • Quarterly Team catch ups – Designed to help you get the most out of your support
  • Enjoy Flexibility – Your schedule can change quickly.
  • Start in less than 2 working days. That’s the longest you can expect to wait for us to start following your request within your agreed hour limit (up to 10 hours).

Sometimes you need an emergency boost, other times you’ll want to save some hours. We work your hours over each 3-month period to allow for this flux.

Upgrade options – If you next extra support we’ll actively discuss extra ways to ramp up your access to
our engineering resources.

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