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6th July 2022

Team Ignys take on self defence

Yesterday we had a team outing with a difference. Self defence!

A huge thank you to Team Elite Kickboxing in Beeston for making us feel so at home and teaching us some valuable life skills.

And a big shout out to all our teammates who couldn’t make it including those on customer trips!

Some words from Tek

Tek was founded in January 2008 and is a multi-award winning kickboxing academy that is built on a passionate attitude towards personal excellence and growth.

As an academy Tek constantly progresses and receives recognition nationally and internationally. Tek has won prestigious awards such as World & European Titles, Nottingham Post Sports Hero of the Year and Young Achiever of the Year as well as many other esteemed honours.

The main staff working at Tek include Tek Elite Coach Karen Bailey

1st Degree Black Belt in Kickboxing, Team GB kickboxing member 2009-2015, Team GB assistant Coach, Biosciences Bsc (Hons) 1st Class, Qualified Science Teacher – Master Credits, Open University Degree in Nutrition, Sports Hero Of The Year 2016 WINNER (Nottingham Post Awards), Level 3 Personal Trainer (REPS).

Tek Elite Coach Anna Jermakova1st Degree Black Belt Kickboxing, team GB kickboxing member 2011-2013, Founder and owner of Tek Fitness, Media & Cultural Studies – BA (Hons) 1st Class, Dissertation on women in sport – BA (Hons) – 1st Class, Sports Massage – Level 1, Notts save a life qualified first aider 2016 onwards. Level 2 Gym Instructor (REPS).

Tek Coach Fin Heesom3x Junior European Champion4x Team GB Kickboxing Member8x British Champion, 1st Degree Black Belt Tek Personal Training Coach Team GB Junior Captain.

Tek feels more like a family of students, parents and coaches who work together in achieving any common goals from fitness, weight loss to self-confidence improvement, self-defence, anti-bullying, post injury rehabilitation, postpartum weight loss and strength, balance and core strength to life coaching for mental health support and even high-performance training athletes.

Why do self defence classes?

Tek Kickboxing say “Self defence is one of our main pathways we incorporate for both children and adults to not only raise their personal confidence but to prepare them for any extreme situation whether physical or mental, practice remaining calm under pressure, act in the safest way possible and try to resolve the situation without putting yourself in more danger. During the course we learn basic strong stance and guard as well as few basic escaping tools. The main focus, however, of the session is to raise self confidence by helping everyone understand they have the right to stand up for themselves in any situation they feel is appropriate to protect themselves and their friends and family. Self defence courses are one of the most crucial life skill courses you will ever need to feel empowered.

For many years now Tek have helped improve lives of thousands of people through positive martial arts psychology. At Tek we pride ourselves on showing individuals the power of belief, motivation, inspiration, team work, positivity and most importantly never giving up on your goals and dreams and having self belief to BE or DO whatever you want to be!

We have already worked with more than 30+ educational establishments and businesses including Nottingham Uni, Loughborough Uni, Nottingham Trent college, Bilborough college and many more on similar projects and courses and we hope you will love it as much as they did!”