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10th February 2022

Test Fixture UK Exclusive Agreement with MG Products

We are delighted to declare that we’ve become the exclusive UK distributor for Netherlands-based MG Products‘ high-quality test fixtures.

The test fixture range offers several sizes and fully customisable options, including ways to test your product range without investing in a new test jig each time (using cassettes).

MG07 Test Fixture Solutions

Test fixtures allow you to test your PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) at the production stage maximising both accuracy and reliability. If electronic product development success is your goal, here’s a great tool to make that happen.

Fresh off the heals from a year of substantial growth, doubling in size, we’ve already won 3 awards in the past year including Elektra’s Design Team of the Year award. Our engineering team is here to deliver world-class electronics design and embedded software development solutions. This new agreement with MG Products is an expansion of our product testing services which also include on-site Environmental Test Chambers in Nottingham.

Our glorious leader Richard Fletcher says of the test Fixture agreement.

“We’ve formed this exclusive distribution agreement with MG Products because we both believe in maximising the reliability of products during production for quality and efficiency. Our companies share a strong belief in working collaboratively with the people we serve.

Expanding into the test fixture market feels natural to us. It has always been our vision to help people with electronic product development. Providing quality test solutions allows us to give innovators, entrepreneurs and product manufacturers peace of mind that products are reliably tested before shipping to end customers. We approached MG products because we want to provide new and existing clients with a range of test fixture options, through an established company who have grown a reputation with tried-and-tested products over many years.”

We also spoke to Michiel Ten Buuren, Sales Manager of MG Products

“We are delighted to welcome Ignys as our exclusive UK distributor and we are pleased that UK companies will benefit from our test fixture solutions. We’re excited to bring our products to the UK market through a trusted, award-winning consultancy like Ignys.”

Finger pressing start button on microcontroller

We work closely with engineering teams and product development companies of all sizes offering weekly updates, to help bring your great tech ideas to life.

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