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2nd February 2022

Webinar Series - March 2022 TBAT Innovation Join Webinar

Webinar Series

We are launching our webinar series which will include collaborative joint webinars and more. Watch this space.

TBAT Innovation and Ignys Webinar

Join TBAT Innovation Ltd & Ignys Ltd to delve into the stages of New Product Development & how you can benefit from claiming R&D Tax Relief!

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The 5 stages of Product Development
  • How to navigate these stages for success
  • Which costs are eligible for R&D Tax Credits
  • How to claim R&D Tax Credits
  • Any Questions
Following this webinar, Ian and Richard are offering 1-to-1 sessions to discuss the support that TBAT and Ignys, can provide to your business; both for product development and claiming R&D Tax Credits, respectively.
Read our case study about what it was like for us using TBAT

Design Review Webinar postponed

The bad news is we have had to postpone our design review. The good news is there is so much more to come!


Richard, our glorious leader, will discuss How to Get the Most out of your Design Review and answer all your questions.

He’ll cover essential tips to help get your product market-ready – and explain exactly how a design review can help save time & money in getting there. 

Hungry? Check out our design review menu

We’ve cooked up a delectable design review menu designed to enrich the senses.

Perhaps you’re looking for the full 7 courses, or maybe just an a la carte approach.

Either way, whether it’s a second opinion on electronic design, improvement to software code or even testability – we’re got you covered.

Ping us an email to get your design review menu

Send me the design review menu


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What’s so great about Richard?

Wondering what knowledge our MD richard has curated over many years in electronics and engineering? Or how he grew Ignys from a start up employing one person to the multi-award winning electronics design and software development consultancy it is today? Read our Ignys Team or About Us page or…

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