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Ignys Referral Scheme

One engineering day free each when you refer someone

How it works

Put someone in touch with us. Get a free engineering day each.

Once they have e-signed a project proposal you will each receive a free engineering voucher.

One free day for you. One free day for them. Celebrations all around.

Who can apply?

In brief, everyone! If you have heard great things about us but never used us, you can still refer someone and claim a free engineering day for the two of you.

How to put someone in touch with us

Send them an introductory email about Ignys and copy in so we can continue the conversation.

T&Cs – The boring but important bit!

The free engineering day for both of you will be provided once the referred party has e-signed the project proposal.

You can have more than one contact! – If you know multiple people who would benefit from our services you can keep referring them. If two of your contacts sign up to a proposal you get a day for each sign up.

We must be made aware of the referral connection, at the start of the conversation we have with your contact, in order for you both to qualify for the vouchers. We cannot retrospectively provide a voucher for a referral.

The same applies if the person you refer turns out to be an existing customer of ours, in this case we wouldn’t be able to grant the vouchers.

The voucher will come with an expiry date which is 6 months after the voucher is issued, following the signing of the proposal, and will only be valid during that timeframe. We may send you reminders to use the voucher to help you but you may opt out of this reminder communication at any stage.

Any data submitted on a form is subject to our privacy policy. We will happily discuss any aspect of this with you at any stage.

For data protection reasons and to protect the confidentiality of both yourself and the people you refer we will not be able to provide details of the status of your contact’s communication with us.

A reminder of our main services that your connections (and you) can benefit from

Product development – From idea to market get help from the beginning with product feasibility studies, MVPs, design reviews and more.

Design work – Electronics design, pcb design and design reviews.

Software Development – We can help with software and firmware.

Product Testing – Environmental Testing Chambers, checking for faults and quality control testing for pcbs.

Product Improvement – Value Engineering, power consumption reduction and software development.

Borrow an engineer services – Borrow an engineer or a virtual CTO.

Our live offers – We have live offers valid until 18h December 2020 on test fixtures solutions and environmental testing

Contact us – If you want to know more about the above contact us and we’ll send you the best links and information.


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