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Do you need to:

  • Fill a resource gap because one of your team is ill or tied up on another project?
  • Resolve an issue you’ve been struggling with?
  • Have an independent set of eyes look over something?

Subject to availability, you can borrow one of our electronic engineers within a couple of days. That engineer becomes one of your team for whatever amount of time you need them. It could be as little as a day, or up to a couple of weeks.

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6 reasons to borrow an engineer
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Remote work? No problem!

Our engineers can work remotely to support you, so you can be anywhere in the country or even the world. Just because we are in Nottingham, doesn’t mean you have to be. Our engineers are fully equipped to work remotely. We use Slack and Teams to communicate internally. We’re frequently on Skype or Zooms calls with remote customers, and use tools including Altium Designer, Eclipse, Simplicity Studio, Code Composer Studio, Visual Studio, git and subversion but can work with whatever tools you use including pencil and paper, calculator or a whiteboard.

Benefits of hiring one of our engineers includes expertise in electronics design , get us to test product feasibility, check product unit costs are as low as they can be or get a clear picture with a design review.

BTS borrowed an Ignys Engineer – Here’s what happened

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Lets Work Together

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