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Worried about UKCA? We help companies with compliance support for their electronics products.

Electronic Product Compliance Support

Start with the end in mind. Tackle standards now. Read how we conquered CE compliance for one of our clients

Design for CE marking, FCC approvals, Product and Safety Standards

Design the product to meet the standards from the outset

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We can help with

  • UKCA compliance support
  • FCC support
  • RED (Radio Equipment Directive)
  • LVD (Low voltage directive) compliance support
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive compliance

What type of compliance do I need?

Most products sold have to meet prescribed standards.

But depending on the product these can include wireless communications, electro-magnetic compatibility, safety or other standards. This means the types of product and their potential impacts of failure generally inform the type of testing required.

Can I self certify?

Many products sold in the UK and Europe can be self-certified. This doesn’t mean that there is no requirement for risk assessments or testing. For example, where the products are covered by a harmonised European standard the manufacturer of each product must have an evidence folder including risk assessments, controlled drawings and test results.

In addition life safety products have more stringent requirements, often needing the involvement of third parties known as notified bodies.

See how we helped with compliance in our case study here

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Whichever type of product you’re designing, compliance should be considered at the start. Because unfortunately many product developers only think about this at the end. But compliance failures can result in products having to be partially or completely redesigned. This can be very costly.

How Ignys can help

Luckily we can help you identify the right routes to compliance. We can also look at the necessary standards involved and produce a full set of compliance requirements for your product.

When should I think about compliance?

As soon as prototype products are available we recommend pre-compliance testing to identify Electro-magnetic compatibility problems early. So you can resolve them for the next printed circuit board revision.

We typically support clients with pre-compliance testing.

Where it’s needed we also help with full compliance and the assembly of Technical Construction Files, to support the manufacturers CE mark.

Compliance is just one small part of the whole product development journey. But we can help you from idea conception to helping you partner up with the right manufacturing partners. In addition you might enjoy our articles on whether or not to keep your design and manufacturing partners separate.

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