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There’s nothing worse than wasting precious time and money, especially when it could have been prevented. This is the whole reason we offer Design Reviews. You may think your new product design is perfect now, but what happens if you produce the product with a fault in the design?

The main effects can be:

  • Lost time and money having to redesign and produce prototypes
  • The product is late to market, losing you valuable profits or letting competitors in
  • Product recalls, if you don’t notice before release
  • Reputation impact

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What are design reviews?

Design Reviews: Every question you ever wanted to ask about design reviews

Design reviews to optimise your product
Getting the most out of your design review

The perfect checklist

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Why our design reviews are checklist driven

We know you want to spot issues early, so we’ve designed our design review to be checklist driven.

Find any errors before you make a prototype.

Examples of these include:

  • Signal voltage level compatibility and buffering
  • Connector pinouts and orientation
  • New component pin numbering and PCB footprint review
  • Device power consumption
  • Decoupling capacitors
  • ESD protection for exposed ports
  • Impact of component tolerancing
  • Unconnected nets and mismatched net names
  • Missing PCB layers
  • Unconnected planes
  • Imbalanced copper and more…..

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