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Design Verification (Testing)

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Many products that we design go through a range of design verification tests before release to the client. The testing undertaken depends on the type of product and how it is installed. A customer should never be the first to find the limits of the system.
Setting up representative systems and subjecting them to repetitive use case testing, edge case testing, environmental testing, firmware updates, power interruptions, installation and decommissioning testing and more, exposes issues that at some point will be found by a customer and allows them to be corrected. Issues can come from a variety of places including stack overflows, pointer corruption, memory leaks, power supply droops, overheating, and more. Many of these will be missed in a lab environment unless a formal programme of design verification has been undertaken.

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We now offer the same approach and rigour of design verification as a service for externally designed products. Whether you have had a product designed elsewhere that you want to check works and meets the specifications or if you suspect a problem with your own, internally development product, a programme of testing could help.

Product testing can be time consuming, laborious and repetitive so where appropriate we set-up automated test suites which are monitored and attended to when issues are found.

We specialise in electronics design and software so  we can help you spot things early.


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