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Electronics Design

Create reliable electronics products
Design, simulation, prototyping, testing and support

Electronic engineering by experts

Our bespoke electronics design service covers component selection, electronics design, simulation, breadboarding, schematic capture, PCB layout and prototyping as well as support with compliance and manufacturing.

Whether you have an idea on a scrap of paper, a proof of concept that needs commercialising and designing for manufacture or an existing design that needs updating our team of experienced design engineers can probably help.

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How we do it
Electronics Design with a plan

Where flexibility is king

Our preferred schematic capture and PCB layout tool is Altium Designer 20. With it we design products with multiple printed circuit boards (rigid, flex-rigid and flexi).

With flexible design rules, error checking, support for track length matching, impedance control and high-voltage isolation; we have the power, control and flexibility to meet the demands of modern electronics across most industry sectors. Other toolchains including Eagle, KiCad and PADs can be supported on request.

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Other ways we can help you through electronics design expertise

Cost reduction technique – Get the most out of your technical design.

Design Review – Get a clear picture of the road ahead and avoid pitfalls along the way

Product Feasibility – Find out if your product is viable.

Our electronic engineers are here to help. We can also help with pcb design, software and firmware and much much more.

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