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Product Testing for all temperatures. Don’t guess when you can test.

Environmental Testing Chambers

Hot, cold or humid? Test that your product works reliably at different temperatures. From -70°C, up to +180°C. Get 3 days for 2 when you download our leaflet

Environmental Test Chambers for Product Testing

Product reliability in all environments

Environmental Product Testing Chambers

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We operate two on-site chambers in our lab at Nottingham Science Park. So you can test your products at a full range of temperatures. Because products often underperform at the extremes, we test in a simulated environment from as low as -70°C, up to +180°C.

A custom service that offers the flexibility you need

Importantly you’ll experience a custom service. Consequently we offer plenty of flexibility on what you need to test. For example these can include Cold temperatures, overheating, fluctuating temperatures and humidity.

Why is environmental testing important

Does your product need to work over a range of temperatures and humidity levels? Maybe you sell a product into multiple countries or applications. These different conditions can affect the reliability of your product risking.  damage to your product or company’s reputation.


How operating environment can affect products

A common source of product issues result from the operating environment. A surprising number of products have only been tested on in a stable air-conditioned lab.

Electronic device characteristics can change significantly with temperature affecting measurement, performance and operation. For example a few areas that can include issues include signal timing, amplifier gain and noise.

Why do products develop faults at different temperatures?

Electronics products are often susceptible to changing temperatures. Namingly overheating can bring reliability and safety issues. Also for fast changing environments repeated cycling between hot and cold temperatures can cause failures. Specifically from differing expansion and contraction rates causing component, solder joint and board stresses.

Why is it important to test at different temperatures?

You can tackle any areas of weakness that need improving using a good environmental test programme.

Subsequently giving you confidence that your product is solid and reliable.

To chat about claiming your 3 for 2 deal on environmental testing days or if you want to explore product testing options here’s how you can reach us.

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How environmental testing can add value

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Testing the temperature extremes now leaves you less likely to come up against issues later.  Here are some of our related services that can also help you.

Related services for product developed

Compliance –  Products that don’t perform at hot or cold temperatures could fall short of the standards required. We can help look into standards that are relevant to your product.

Product Development – We help with many testing problems throughout the product development process. These include edge cases which, like environmental testing can often turn up as a problem after a product launch.

Product Testing – We have a host of different services to help you test your products

To test or not to test?

It is worth noting that the testing you require will depend on your unique product. We can also help you decide what NOT to test.

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