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Don’t let component obsolescence stop your sales

Worried about your ability to extend the product lifecycle?

Due to the pace of innovation and market demands electronic components are frequently obsoleted to be replaced by smaller, faster, more-integrated, better performing devices. You may have received a “Last Time Buy” notice to secure all the stock you need for the future of the product leaving you with a huge forecasting decision.

Alternatively you may have just discovered simply can’t buy components from the usual distribution route.

Don’t despair. There are options available to you including second sourcing components, minor redesigns and specialist sourcing.
Talk to us about extending your product lifecycle.

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How to extend product lifecycle

There are a number of ways to extend product lifecycles.

We focus on cost reduction during this process to leave you with a quality product.

Our team of clever engineers are experts in electronics design  and we’ve built up a library of tried and tested components to use.

You can also speak to us about software and firmware.

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