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FPGA Design Optimised

Advantages of FPGA Programming in Product Development

Using an FPGA (field programmable gate array) for electronic product development allows you the flexibility to implement both standard and custom interfaces, meaning you can minimise the impact of risks and uncertainties as you optimise your custom device.

Enjoy flexibility and prepare against the unpredictability of use cases through FPGA programming and design. Using an FPGA compared to an ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) gives you powerful options if your product experiences problems ‘in the field,’ and allows for some specification change between the design stage and deployment.

Choosing the Right FPGA Specialists

FPGA design has a steep learning curve. Fortunately, our experienced FPGA engineers have done all the hard discovery work already.

You need close attention to detail, from specification through to compilation. Reduce the time required to complete projects and start enjoying the benefits of FPGA design.

Protect the quality of your software & firmware and optimise the success of your final build by bringing onboard a trusted FPGA programming design partner.

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What is FPGA Design?

An FPGA is an integrated circuit that is configurable by software, giving it greater versatility over your standard ASIC.

A sophisticated technology, FPGA programming is a highly skilled role that requires an expert hand in the product development cycle.

And with a blend of hardware, firmware, and software engineers we’re in the best position to help launch your FPGA Design project, from laying out the circuit board to specifying the device.

We can also help you with porting your old project to the latest technology.

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Our Ultimate Guide to FPGA Design

Jason, our Senior Software Engineer, has written up a full breakdown of FPGA design in product development, including real-life applications, comparisons with GPUs, CPLDs, and even what the hobbyist market is using FPGAs for.

Also included are some answers for the questions you asked us on FPGA programming (and many more!)

Read the Ultimate Guide to FPGA Design

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