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Minimum Viable Products. Level up.

Make me a MVP

Start experimenting today
Test out ideas quickly and cost effectively

Minimum Viable Product

Experiment and test features without burning the development budget

Dev kits, 3D printing, cardboard, scissors glue and maybe even sticky back plastic

Your MVP

Great products solve the right products for the right customers at a price they are happy to pay.  You can build the product first, take it to market and hope that your solution is accepted OR you can first try some quick, low cost experiments with select customers to check that the idea is worth pursuing and to tweak it based on real customer feedback.

Start your MVP

Test your product before committing to product development

Prove your idea

Experiments can be very quick and don’t necessarily need to be functional.  The intent is to prove the idea and not the technical feasibility.  One of our own developments started out with a wooden box from eBay and a printed strip of paper glued on! Our test lab has 3d printers, routers, glue guns, development kits and more to bring your idea to life and to shape the product development with feedback from your customer.

Speak to us about the full product development process and our electronics design services. We also offer product feasibility studies.

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Lets Work Together

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