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PCB Design Layout

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Printed Circuit Board Layout

Printed Circuit Boards, or PCBs for short, provide a place to solder electronic components onto and to make the hundreds or evens thousands of connections necessary for circuits and designs to function.
The PCB design is also key for signal integrity, noise performance, safety, electromagnetic compatibility, mechanical fit and more.
Good PCB layout is critical to electronics designs properly working, poor layout can be the cause of numerous functional and compliance issues.
However we can help you create a PCB layout that will avoid these issues.
Our PCB layout process
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PCB Dimensions

The specification, size, shape and materials used for a PCB are dictated by its function and performance needs. PCBs are often viewed as a simple item to connect components together. The PCB can make or break a design, reduce the wireless connectivity range, increase sensor noise, bring EMC compliance failures and more.
PCBs are a vital part of the electronics in your system and the success of your product.
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