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Electronic product testing. Spot mistakes early. Prevent unnecessary costs

Product Testing

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Pragmatic Solutions

You need your longstanding product issues to be resolved to protect your reputation and bottom line. You’re probably holding some stock of product or need to continue fulfilling orders.

These can make a complete re-design unappealing. We can work with you to fully understand the faults you are experiencing and minimise any hardware modifications (wires, track cuts, component value changes) to a minimum.

It may be that the issues can be worked around in software instead.

The solutions depend upon the nature and severity of the problem and may consciously leave lower risk or less irritating issues in the product to strike a careful balance between fix and commerciality.

From test fixture solutions to hiring our environmental test chambers, we have some great solutions.

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Our Electronic Product Testing services

Here’s some of the more specific testing options we offer:

Customised Test Fixtures – MG Products test fixtures, focused on giving you confidence that every product you ship is right each time

Environmental Chambers – Temperature testing at both extremes both hot and cold

Power Consumption Reduction – We use special techniques to increase your product’s battery life

Cost Reduction – Testing to see if we can reduce your products costs without comprising on the all important quality.

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