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Check your products are right each time
Automated Quality Control, Calibration, Setup and Programming

Make sure each product is consistently correct

Fast development, rapid deployment test fixtures for your product.

Printed circuit boards often need some level of testing, programming, setup or calibration as they come off the production line. For high volume products there are conventional ways of arranging tests but these are often too expensive and too slow for the start-up community or low volume manufacturers to benefit from.

When you first launch a product, with relatively low volumes, every single product shipped represents a high proportion of the total. You simply can’t afford a product failure tarnishing your products’ reputation before it has a chance to gain traction.

We’ve developed the Ignys series of production test fixtures to level the disparity between high volume, deeper pocket manufacturers and the smaller, more nimble, start-ups and SMEs.

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Quick solutions

2 week lead times as standard

Ignys Test Fixtures can be customised and delivered within two weeks of order placement to give sprung pin access for test, measurement, calibration, programming and more. Often customers choose to also have the test programmes, measurement, stimulation and programming functionality completed to let the product development team focus on getting the product right and not burdened with production setup.

If your manufactured products need to have automatic quality control without you being there, or you need to save time and money on manual board test and setup, get in touch to find out more about Ignys Test Fixtures today.

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