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Helping new businesses

New Businesses

The world is changing at a phenomenal rate, with electronics at the core of the changes. Your idea could be part of global change process that is taking place. Your early-stage research strongly suggests your product has a great opportunity, if you can convert that idea into a product.

You’ve set up a new business and you’ve got investors interested. You may have even trademarked/patented your idea. However, the investors are unlikely to invest significant sums before they see electronic designs and working prototypes.

Ignys can help you

We love working with new ideas. Understanding how you came to the idea and where you see it going give us a real buzz. We work with new businesses in a number of ways.

  1. Idea development: depending on how much research you have done, we can help you to evaluate your idea to see just how much of an opportunity there is.
  2. Electronics design: we’ll translate your idea into a working design from which the prototypes can be built

Standards and Compliance: we identify and design to the necessary standards within the design process to save you time and money, so the testing should be straightforward.

A working prototype can get you the investment you need to launch your product in to your preferred market(s). Now you need to arrange volume manufacturing. Ignys will work with you to identify the right manufacturer, whether that is in the UK or overseas.

As a new business owner, you may have the experience to do some of the above. At Ignys, we work with you and fill in the gaps, helping you turn your idea into a product and getting it to market.

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