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Create the best electronics product. Start with a product feasibility study from the experts. Based in Nottingham UK we offer expertise on the electronic product development process. We see tech products day in day out so we can help give you confidence from the start and guide you through the journey.

How to test your product idea

Feasibility studies are a great way to test your tech product idea to make sure the idea is truly viable. Electronic design consultancies, such as Ignys, can carry out the study on your tech product to test the different elements before you start investing serious money and time into a project. It also gives you the confidence that your idea works because you have spoken with the experts.

What are discovery calls?

Discuss your product ideas

A discovery call is the opportunity to speak with our team and find out if we are the right fit for you before you commit to a study with us. We can also guide you towards some great resources including VCs and manufacturing partners. Get in touch to find out more or to book a discovery call.

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Discuss your product idea

To find out if your tech product is viable the best way to get answers is look at feasibility studies.

These check if your product works technically and commercially.

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What’s a discovery call you ask?

A discovery call is where you get to know us over a video call and find out if you like us or not. After all, we know we have the expertise but you need to speak with us to find out if we’re right for you.

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