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5th November 2021

Climatic Chambers Book Your Space

Climatic chambers. Book your space

Access to a climatic chamber for temperature and humidity testing of components, PCBs or prototypes. 

Who can benefit from accessing our climate chambers?

Businesses who:  

  • want to validate new component performance before designing a product around it 
  • are scaling up from prototype to production 
  • need to validate performance in real world climates, not just in an air-conditioned lab 
  • value their customers and have a quality mindset 
  • want to reduce the risk of potential problems and minimise the possibility of product recalls 
  • understand the difference between a handful of prototypes and manufacturing in 10’s or 100’s of thousands of pieces every year 
  • need to solve a product problem they suspect is related to temperature where multiple measurements can be taken for diagnostics 
  • have a high product return “no fault found” rate 

What is it not for? 

  • Food, pharmaceuticals or biological testing 
  • Evaluating thermal performance of materials 
  • Simultaneous temperature and vibration/shock testing 

Pricing for Climate Chambers booked space (ex VAT)

Pricing to hire space in the climate chambers on Nottingham Science Park.

How does the climate chambers service work?


  1. You complete a self-declaration risk assessment for the unit under test (UUT)  (depending upon risk assessment we may refuse hire, insist that the equipment is not left unattended or permit 24/7 testing if required) 
  2.  You decide how long you need the chamber for and whether this is 24/7 testing or 9-5 Weekdays.  The equipment is provided without engineering support, power supplies, data loggers or other equipment.  These may be able to be hired separately. 
  3.  We schedule the next available time slot and issue an equipment use agreement 
  4.  You electronically sign the equipment use agreement and pay a deposit and the equipment usage fee. 
  5.  On the day you get a 30-minute induction on the equipment use which covers safe operation, H&S and initial profile setup. You are then free to update temperature and humidity profiles and change set-ups during working hours.  A single desk, chair,  
  6.  There is no access to the equipment during weekends, bank holidays or outside of the core working hours of 9am -5pm. 
  7.  If a fault arises with the climatic chamber which needs service or repair the testing can either be swapped to a second chamber, if available, or will be terminated with the time used pro-rata’d. 

Appendix A – Climatic Chamber Technical details 

Graph test space temperature and relative humidity

  • At the end of the equipment usage period the equipment is checked.  Where the equipment is undamaged the deposit is returned. 
  • Damage to the equipment will be repaired and taken from the deposit 
  • If there is a fire or explosion of your UUT or because of your UUT which causes damage (including smoke damage) to the equipment or the surrounding office space your deposit is lost in entirety.