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7th July 2020

Can you really design a product remotely?

How to design a product without meeting the team in person

 You have an idea for a new or next generation product.  You put hard work and effort into product launch plans with a realistic set of milestones and deadlines.

Then an international pandemic confined all but essential workers to their home offices and prevented you carrying out all those face to face meeting you had meticulously planned.

Can you still develop a product without physically meeting up?

 You don’t have to abandon your plans and leave your idea in limbo. In the product design world technology moves on fast and your good idea left on the shelf now may mean leaving it on the shelf forever.

The good news is not only are there ways to continue your project but there is a global appetite for more innovative products right now.

So how are you going to achieve those much-needed conversations?

 Video conferencing

 You will find many articles online stating the pro’s and con’s of the video conferencing platforms on offer such as Zoom, Teams, Skype and Hangouts to name a few.

 Once you’ve chosen the right platform for you there are a few essential things to put in place which will make your life instantly easier:

 Fast Broadband – Make sure you have a good connection to avoid unwanted interruptions mid-call, around 2MBps will suffice.

  • A good headset or speaker – Adding a Bluetooth headset or speaker such as a Jabra Speak 510 brings a big improvement to the audio side. You can use you’re computer’s built in audio if you absolutely need to.
  • Set up a Webcam – Once you’ve set-up you can e-meet members of the remote team without leaving the safety of your home.

3 ways video conferencing works better than a phonecall for product design

Speaking on-screen has several advantages over a simple phone call:

  • Body language – Picking up on cues from other people allows you to go into more depth on potential problems or spot genuine enthusiasm for an innovative idea. Not only does this allow you to save time but you can also pick up on whether potential suppliers are right for you.
  • Sharing ideas – Instantly create more meaningful interactions by using your hands or other props such as drawing tablets to share and discuss ideas in real time.
  • Sharing your screen – With the right platform you can securely share your presentation or allow your remote team to share your screen demonstrating and explaining things in a far more practical and in-depth way.

Good luck

We hope the information above can help you with your projects.

How do we know this works? Because we’re already doing this.

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