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Electronic Engineering Companies

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You have been trading successfully for a number of years, delivering electronic products to your customers. Your competition want those customers so you need to make some changes…

  • Adapt your current products to meet the changing needs of your customers
  • New features
  • Lower prices
  • Updated technology
  • Develop new products to meet their needs
  • Take your current products into new markets

How Ignys can help you with electronics engineering

Ignys can help you meet the ever-changing needs of your customers, both now and in the future.

Turning your ideas into electronic products and then taking them to market isn’t easy. You know that; you’ve been doing for some time now. The range of skills you need within the business is broad and, in today’s engineering skills crisis, not easy to find. Hiring consultants is often considered expensive, but when compared to employing the skills you need, using consultants as and when you need them makes sense. After all, why pay for resource you are not making maximum use of?

We can help you:

  • Assess your new product ideas
  • Design the product and develop the plans needed for production
  • Ensure that legislation and standards are built into the design from the outset, saving you time and money later
  • Test your prototypes and then take the product to market.

Ignys is a resource that fills the gaps in the skillset within your business. We can be turned on and off as needed, keeping your costs under control and productivity high.

To discuss an upcoming project you want some assistance on, give us a call on +44(0)115 772 2825 or complete the form below. Speak to you soon.

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