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Power Consumption Reduction

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Battery life leaving you feeling flat?

You have two options available to increase your product’s battery life. You could simply increase the capacity of the battery pack you are using, or you can use less energy from your existing pack.

Increasing the battery pack capacity either through different battery chemistries with higher energy densities, or adding more battery cells, scales linearly. If you double the battery capacity then you have doubled your battery life. This might be a good approach where your product is close to the desired battery life. Adding battery capacity often adds weight or cost to the product, usually both. It can also impact on compliance approvals and may need changes to the battery management circuitry.

Reducing the energy required to deliver the same functionality can reap far bigger improvements and avoid adding costs to the product. The first step in reducing power consumption is to know where the energy is being used and what is being wasted. Careful measurements across the product use cases and prior experience of what should be achievable, allows reductions to be started.

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Power Consumption Reduction

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There may be quick wins such as increasing pull-up resistor values and turning off unused peripherals within devices and using sleep modes.  For more aggressive power reductions there could be circuitry redesigns to reduce leakage currents and improve power supply efficiencies or even changing the product approach to be more frugal.

To give an idea of what could be achieved we have improved the battery life of a product from around 3-4 months to over 2.5 years without changing any of the electronics hardware!

Power consumption reduction is not the only cost reduction technique we have up our sleeves.

We have many ways to optimise your electronics design.

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