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Embedded Software Development

Agile software development. From initial specification through to final testing. Get the embedded software support you really need.

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Embedded Software Development and product success

Software development is essential for your product’s success.

No matter how you want your product to function you need the right software for smooth and effective systems.

Our team of developers work on embedded software and firmware projects day in day out and are here to support you on your journey.

What’s more we are constantly investing in our people to grow our team of software development experts.

For help with architecting, coding, testing, reviewing and releasing.

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Agile software development

Here at Ignys we have a wide range of projects and customers who are at different stages of their product development lifecycles.

This requires different development styles to be applied.

For example a product that requires both embedded hardware and software design will have both waterfall development and Agile methodology applied.

With key project stages such as defining, designing, developing and releasing for the hardware development.

Meanwhile once the hardware is brought up we can work in our collaborative and multi-skilled team and work an Agile software development methodology, to define sprints and outcomes, where we work together to achieve the sprint goal.

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Why are software libraries useful?

Many devices come with pre-written code, software libraries, to speed up and de-risk development.  What’s more we find software libraries to be of variable quality from our many years of collective experience in software development.

Software libraries are often created as a demonstration tool for use within tight use cases, rather than as a fully functional and robust library.

As a result we find that each provided library must be treated with caution and be fully tested before using.

Why do software libraries need to be treated with caution?

Issues can occur if software libraries aren’t checked. This is due to the fact that many libraries are incomplete. In other words they come with their own issues which must be dealt with to avoid the final product carrying those issues through.

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Our Skillsets

Not all but just a few

  • Embedded software development
  • Embedded linux development
  • And Embedded firmware development
  • We do a lot of bare metal work and can help with RTOS
  • Embedding Microcontrollers and microprocessors
  • Heating system controllers
  • Bespoke software development

Device support

  • Low power wireless devices
  • RFID – Radio Frequency Identification
  • Smart home devices
  • Wireless power
  • Remote condition monitoring
  • Remote sensing
  • Battery Power devices
  • Mains power devices

Careful design

Robust requirements are key for firmware and software development.

For instance you need careful modular design, version control and rigorous test regimes.

These confirm the functionality of each function, module and the overall system.

More than Code

Software Engineering is more than just writing code.

Firstly it begins with:

  • Determining the structure of the code,
  • As well as its abstraction from the underlying hardware,
  • Including module testing and integration.

And here’s where we can help you…

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