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Software Development is essential to product success

No matter how you want your product to function you need the right software. Why? To ensure all of the systems are running smoothly and efficiently.

Careful design

You need robust requirements for Firmware and software development. For instance you need careful modular design, version control and rigorous test regimes. These confirm the functionality of each function, module and the overall system.


Software Engineering is more than just writing code.

Firstly it begins with:

  • Determining the structure of the code,
  • As well as its abstraction from the underlying hardware,
  • Including module testing and integration.

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Software libraries

Many devices come with pre-written code libraries to speed up and de-risk development.  For our many years collective experience in software we find libraries to be of variable quality. These are often created to be used more of a demonstration tool within tight use cases than as a fully functional and robust library.  Each provided library must be treated with caution and be fully tested before using.

Why do libraries need to be treated with caution?

Otherwise issues can occur. Due to the fact that many libraries are incomplete. That is to say they come with their own issues which must be dealt with to avoid the final product carrying those issues through.

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What is firmware?

Firmware is software that runs directly on a processor with little or no operating system. Examples include Linux or Windows is often known as firmware.

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