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PCB Testing is integral to identifying bottlenecks, increase overall production quality, and reduce time to market. 

Built to last, you can rely on high quality craftsmanship to help get the best out of your product through both in-circuit and functional testing - avoiding costly product recalls.

Partnering with MG Products, we are delighted to deliver robust, high quality PCB test fixtures to help bring your project to life.  

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Reliable Contact

MG Products have designed robust test fixtures with contact between the test equipment and the UUT (unit-under-test) in mind.

Customisable Cassette Options

Increase your project's scope for flexibility with fully-customisable cassette options with each test fixture.


No more one-size-fits-all for PCB testing. Explore a wide range of test fixtures, accommodating PCBs of all shapes and sizes.

Detachable Case System

Fully customisable and interchangeable case system, including an 8mm spring loaded probe protection cover.

Richard Fletcher, Ignys Managing Director

“We formed this exclusive distribution agreement with MG Products because we both believe in maximising the reliability of products during production for quality and efficiency. Our companies share a strong belief in working collaboratively with the people we serve."

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